Monday, 12 September 2011

Windows ATC Swap

The lovely Patty Clark is hosting an ATC swap over at Milliande's art community with the theme of "Windows". This theme resonated with me and so I signed up and finished the cards last week. I made window shutters that open to reveal a rugged window frame made with granular gel.

The "window pane" is made from a sheet of mica through which you can see a fair maiden waiting at the window for her love.

I used gesso, acrylics, gel pens, stamps and mica.

Let me go to the window
Watch there the day-shapes of dusk
And wait and know
The coming of a little love.

                              Carl Sandburg


  1. I love this card! The texture, the writing, the whole feel to it is wonderful. I guess it can never be wrong when you have a touch of blue somewhere, LOL! But seriously, you do things with such sense for details, I'm amazed every time.

  2. I have to agree with Sonja you always create such inspiring work.

  3. Wow Monika! Love it! Hugs Lois

  4. Hello Monica thank you for following my new blog.I hope you find it enjoyable. Now I must tell you have been TAGGED

  5. Hi Monika I really love this card with the knobbly texture. Well done!