Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A long overdue telling: the Gray Fox Epistles

Last April I read on Rima's blog about a mysterious project of fairy tales retold and sent by mail by a wonderful writer called Sylvia Linstead. I signed up on a whim as Rima's taste is very much my own and I have always loved myths and fairy- and folktales. What a fortuitous decision that turned out to be!

In May a beautifully stamped thick envelope arrived in my mailbox. And that was the beginning of my monthly literary magic fix ever since. Upon opening the envelope a few wild rose petals fell out much to my delight a faint rosy smell still clung to them all the way from the mountains in California so very far away from here.

Sylvia is a very gifted raconteuse; she weaves her magic with words and almost as if in meditation she guides you deeply, so very deeply into the wild of her native landscape in which most of her stories are based. There you learn about plants, animals and of humans ready to reconnect with nature on a very deep level.

By the time you come to the end of the story you will not be quite the same, your surroundings might take on a slightly different hue and your perception of nature will have deepened.

I have nine tales so far, all beautiful, all treasured greatly, all have inspired me in some way and enriched my life.

And so it has taken me nine months to share this tale with you. I hope you will go and check out Wildtalewort and give yourself a little magic in your life and subscribe to the Gray Fox Epistles - you won't regret it!

Have a wonderful, magical time!