Thursday, 19 May 2011

Gnome Dotee Dolls

Daisy is on the lookout

Shh! Can you hear something? I hear a faint tinkling sound and the grass is rustling lightly. Even Daisy is watching closely:

Tired from their hard day spent labouring deep underground the gnomes slowly emerge from their tunnel and begin to make their way  through the undergrowth, passing a few fly agaric on their way home.
Each carries a little netting sack with gemstones, their days' findings. Their rusty bells attached to their hats help them locate each other in the darkness  underground.
The gnome parade

I made these for a Dotee doll gnome swap over at Milliande's and organised by the always inspiring Liz Monaghan.

I have needle felted the faces, leaves and fly agarics and embellished them with beads. The gnomes' hair and beards are made from sheep's fleece also needle felted in place. In the tails I have used seed beads and beads I received from a textile bead swap a while back.
I have bribed the gnomes (with cookies) into a quick photo shoot before they get sent off into the wide world to start tunneling in different lands.

Until next time, keep creating and if you hear a strange sound in the garden remember to grab your camera quickly.


  1. Oh Mon,
    They are sensational, and you are so incredibly talented my friend,


  2. Just when I think you can't surprise me any more with all of your do! How do you do it?! Talk about inspiring! I've always wanted to try felting...I may have to give it a go now. xo

  3. Hi Monika - I'm echoing everything Louise and Liz said and adding my own - Wowee Wow!! You are incredibly creative and FUN! I love your gnomes - wait til Jan sees them - they are a favorite of hers. I just must now add 'needle felting' to my art bucket list - thank you so much - gotta run - hi ho hi ho back to my knitting -

  4. Wonderful... Glad someone finally can prove they do exist. They look like a lot of work though, and i probably would not have the needed patience to make them. And not to mention that it is a whole group! Welldone I'd say...

  5. I just love these..are you going to sell any if you make any more?

  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments!:-)
    @ Lorraine, I might... lately I am mulling over the whole idea of selling my wares. xoxo