Monday, 30 May 2011

Owlish fun with Artist Trading Cards

My latest ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) are for an owl themed swap over at Willowing. It is a two-for-two swap with an assigned swap partner.

I have had a life long love for owls which probably started with the Czech / German children's cult film "Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel" (Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella).

In the movie the friendly barn owl "Rosalie" looks after Cinderella's treasures in the attic. In Cinderella's jewellery box are among other things a little cluster of three (magical) hazelnuts which each grant a wish when thrown on the floor, and turn into a hunting outfit, a ball gown and a wedding dress respectively.

It is a sweet movie with imaginative costumes, a wonderful cast and a lovely soundtrack. Even though the movie was made in 1973 it has a timeless appeal and a huge fan base. It still shows each winter on the German speaking channels on TV in Europe. Generations have grown up with it and still make time to watch it again and again, like a ritual that will get you into a winter and festive mood.

Here's a video clip that will give you a glimpse of the film and the theme music, it is without words so you are not missing the story and you get a glimpse of Rosalie, the owl.


I am really bad at learning things by heart but for this movie I could have been employed as a prompter as I know the lines by heart and can speak along with the actors throughout the film. And yet I still watch it at least once a year, now in Australia and from a video cassette.

But I digress... back to the owl cards: I needle felted one owl and glued it on to a leather background and attached tiny sea green pompom trim around it.

I wanted to keep with the theme for the second card and decided to stick to the same colour theme. For the second owl I cut out tiny feather shapes out of the leather and glued them into an owl shape. For the beak and ears I used sections of leather with a stitched seam. I used an offcut of purple Chinese brocade and painted a branch with cherry blossoms onto the background fabric for the owl to stand on. The eyes are made of coiled yarn with a sequin and seed bead glued on top.

Owl ATCs 
I hope my swap partner in the US will be happy with my creations.

And now I shall leave you with this riddle from the movie:

"Die Wangen sind mit Asche beschmutzt, aber der Schornsteinfeger ist es nicht.

Ein Hütchen mit Federn, die Armbrust über der Schulter, aber ein Jäger ist es nicht.

Zum Dritten: Ein silbergewirktes Kleid mit Schleppe zum Ball, aber eine Prinzessin ist nicht mein holder Herr."

Which translates to:

"The cheeks are stained with ashes, but the chimney sweep it is not.

A hat with feathers, the crossbow over the shoulder, but a hunter it is not.

Thirdly: a silver knit dress with a train to the ball, but a princess it is not my gracious Lord."

Who is it?


  1. She will LOOOOOVE them! You always amaze me with the amount of work and detail that you put into your creations. You're just brilliant!


  2. I have loved this movie since I was young. Your art pieces are amazing. I also love owls and turquoise colour :)

  3. These cards are amazing. So much extra effort put in to the creation, Monika. So unique and cool.