Monday, 8 August 2011

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil ATC swap part 14

I thought it was time to finally share my own creations I made for this swap.

My initial plan was for cards that incorporated and focused on the Yin Yang symbol to show that good and evil are in balance but I did not get any further with this idea.

I based my interpretation of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil instead around the Greek god Pan.
The nature god Pan was depicted with the back legs and horns of a goat. While some see Pan as the god of the wild, nature and shepherds other will see in him the Devil. Because of this I called my cards Pan's Duality (good and evil).

Pan's Duality by Monika Schmid

The background is a needle felted and freehand machine embroidered landscape in blues, purples, greys and greens. I took a photo of my Pan statue, photoshopped it and printed it out on fabric. The leaves I made by sandwiching an old page from a Greek old testament page between sheer fabric and freehand machine embroidered leave shapes that were then cut out. The cards were embellished with beads, little stars and an embroidered fence.
Monika's cards

This will be the last of my posts about this swap as I am getting ready to swap the cards and mail them back to the four corners of the world.

Until next time... xoxo


  1. Oh Mon, your cards are amazing. I love your interpretation and the materials you used. So much thought and meaning all so beautifully put together. I am looking very much forward to receiving some Midnight in the Garden cards soon :)

  2. Your work is always exquisite Monika.

  3. Just love your cards, so detailed and inventive as ever! x

  4. Monika your cards are absolutely amazing! So much work, so much detail, and your interpretation makes them really gorgeous!

  5. Dear Monika,
    I see you saved the best for last. These are just wonderful and yes, I would love one :) LOL
    Hugs, Lois

  6. Dear Monika, Love your style ... I would love to win a piece of your artwork!